A Little Social Media Experiment After My Book Launch

You can't throw a stone without hitting an article praising social media. While I really enjoy certain aspects of social media it doesn't seem like it would be a very effective marketing tool. Just looking at my own history how many times have I seen a tweet and then pulled out the credit card? I don't know if I ever have. Are other people that much more wiling to buy stuff based off random links they see on social media? Maybe.

Last Thursday I announced the WooCommerce Cookbook on my blog and via social media. The goal of course was to let people know that my book was finally released and that they can go to the publisher's site or Amazon to buy it. I thought this would be the perfect situation to experiment on how effective social media can be.

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Adding Social Media Icons to WooCommerce Product Pages

Batman on Telephone
  1. Blogging for Hippo
  2. Schedule Sales with WooCommerce
  3. The Problem with Focus
  4. Give Thanks
  5. Be Thankful for the People Who Inspire You
  6. Give Yourself Space
  7. Build Resources From Support
  8. How Hard Can Membership Be?
  9. Adding Social Media Icons to WooCommerce Product Pages
  10. How to Export WooCommerce Subscriptions
  11. Upgrade Your Contact Form With Ninja Forms
  12. Why I Write
  13. Blog Comments Policy
  14. Content Marketing Works – Even with Furnace Filters
  15. Making Email from Your Website More Reliable with Email Delivery Tools
  16. A Happiness Podcast?
  17. Podcast Compensation
  18. Wishlists Done Right
  19. Enable Free Shipping on a Per Product Basis
  20. Improve Your Writing with the Hemingway Editor
  21. Tell Users What You're Doing
  22. 2014 Business Review
  23. Mind Your Own Business
  24. Think Different to 10x Your Business
  25. Let Projects Die
  26. Maximize Your Creative Energy
  27. Use Git Bisect to Find Bugs in Your Codebase
  28. My Personal Value of Remote Work
  29. Don't Spam Email Receipts
  30. Make Your Own Luck
  31. Cold Showers and the Power of Challenges

You can find a gazillion social media sharing plugins for WordPress. Unfortunately not all of them work very well with WooCommerce. Some of them don't work at all, others put the icons in the wrong part of the page, or they put them on the page multiple times. As a store owner this can be a bit frustrating. Luckily one of my favorite plugins, Jetpack, has some pretty great social media sharing built it and with a little tweak we can make it look beautiful on product pages.

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