How to Export WooCommerce Subscriptions

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To date I've written 160 posts and in all of those posts I can't remember recommending a product on Code Canyon or ThemeForest. It's not because they don't have good products but because it's the wild west of programming. When you walk into town you don't know if you're going to walk out with supplies or a bullet in your gut. There's a plugin on Code Canyon I've been meaning to look into for over a year and I finally bit the bullet and gave it a go. All in all – it's actually pretty good.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions is one of my favorite plugins. There developer has basically been working on it non-stop for the past two years and it's so feature rich, easy to use, and well made. It's really no surprise to us there are a ton of people that use Subscriptions for their business. It could be selling web hosting, selling toothbrushes every three months, or selling comic books every other week.

If you're using WooCommerce to handle all of the shipping and inventory logistics you should be good to go. If however, you're using another service which you feed all of your subscribers into then you have to have a tool to help you export all of your active subscribers. That's where the WooCommerce Subscription Exporter from CodeCanyon comes in.

Exporting WooCommerce Subscribers

The plugin is my favorite type of plugin: it does one thing and it does it well.

  1. Install & activate the plugin.
  2. In the backend of your site click on WooCommerce > Subscriptions Export
  3. Now pick the type of subscriptions you want to export in the Selection panel

    WooCommerce Subscription Exporter Settings

    The Selection panel showing you what types of subscriptions you can export.

  4. Press the Calculate Export Size and let your site calculate the size of the export. It should only take a moment.
  5. Click Export

And you're done. In just a couple of clicks you've exported all of your active subscribers. Awesome.

Nice to Have Features

There are some pretty nice features that aren't necessary but make the plugin a little more useful. Using the selection panel you could select all of the expired subscriptions, export them, sort them by date and grab the email of all of the subscribers that let their subscription expire in the last month. That's pretty neat.

There are some boring options to format your CSV but if you need that special format they're there for you.


Overall I think this is a great plugin. It compliments my favorite WooCommerce plugin and it doesn't add unnecessary clutter. It's only running when you need it to run and it's straight forward. It's so straight forward you don't even need to read the documentation. If you need to export your subscribers this is way to do it.

Photo credit: Giphy

15 thoughts on “How to Export WooCommerce Subscriptions

  1. Great write up Patrick!

    Gabriel Reguly, the author of the exporter plugin, has a few other Subscriptions mini-extensions in the works I believe. Hopefully we’ll see them available soon too.

  2. I have some problems when I click the export. In the menu Archives and edit the export file, I got a message in the CSV File block:

    No export entries were found, please try again with different export filters.

    Can you help me to solve it? Thank you very much.

  3. Does this Plug-in still work, or does it work at all?

    • It should still work. Not much has changed in the last several months with Subscriptions anyway. I’d contact the author.

      • I’m having the same problem. That plugin hasn’t been updated in over a year and the author isn’t responding to any of the comments on codecanyon from authorized purchasers. Is there any other way to export this data? We have the CSV Export plugin for orders and customers, but that doesn’t tell us who the active subscribers are. Is there a way to manually get the data from PhpMyAdmin, maybe? If not, do you think Brent would put exporting on the roadmap for core plugin functionality?

  4. Just by way of update, this plugin is now officially dead.

    It’s been removed from CodeCanyon, the author is uncontactable and it doesn’t work with Woo Subscriptions 2.0.

    It’s a shame! It was a great plugin and did exactly what it said on the box!

  5. Looks like the plugin has been removed and is no longer updated.

  6. Does anyone know of any alternatives available for this plugin? I couldn’t find anything that worked with 2.0 or above.

  7. how to move data of Subscriptions plugin from one website to another.

  8. Update on this – Subscriptions export now available for the latest version of WooCommece Subscriptions

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