Cold Showers and the Power of Challenges

This is the last post in the Blogging for Hippo challenge and I have to admit, I'm happy that it's done. On one hand blogging challenges give me the opportunity to find my voice, improve my writing, and share my ideas. On the other hand, it's completely exhausting.

Despite the exhaustion and the huge amount of time I've put into this challenge I'm thankful that I did it. It was challenging and that in and of itself makes it worthwhile.

Cold Showers

Have you ever taken a cold shower? Like a cold cold shower without any heat? It's pretty miserable. But misery isn't the only outcome of a cold shower. Take a look at this TEDx talk:

Train Your Willpower

You don't just wake up an run a marathon. You first get the confidence to run one mile, then three miles, then five miles, and so on until you run that marathon. And it's the same with any challenge. You do it by challenging yourself and putting one foot in front of the other over and over again.

Baby Steps

I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey’s show about personal finance and getting out of debt. When you listen to these callers and they might be $200,000+ in debt and it seems like an impossible situation. I love Dave's advice on where to start. It’s to save $1,000 dollars.

If you’re that far in debt it might be hard to save $1,000 but it is possible. And that gives people hope. Once they take that first baby step they start building on that success. They save more, pay off debt, and eventually get out of debt completely.

Blogging For Hippo

Blogging for Hippo is one of those steps. It’s hard, time consuming, and a huge pain in the ass on the weekends. But at the end of the challenge I’m really glad I did it. It gives me a huge confidence boost. I know that I could do a two month challenge, I could write a book (already started), and I feel much more comfortable talking about business

As I finish my cup of coffee I feel like I could do anything. And I like that. Doing a challenge during the end of the year holidays is pretty inconvenient but it's worth doing because I have the perfect mindset for the next year. A mindset where anything is possible and all you have to do is reach out and take what you want.

If you do nothing else in the new year. Make sure you take your own version of a cold shower.

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