How to Add a WooCommerce Announcement Bar

Announcement Banner

Imagine it's the week before Xmas and you realize you forget to get a present for someone. You start looking for the perfect gift and you manage to find it. It's exactly what this special someone would love.

You add it to your cart and as you start looking at the shipping options you realize you don't know if it will arrive in time. There's “free shipping” – who knows how long that will take. And there's “expedited shipping” which will probably get there on time but you don't know if it's worth the extra $20.

You start googling rates, prices, and shipping times and you go down a rabbit hole and might never come back to that site.

It's the holidays and we're approaching the cut off date to get presents on time. As a store owner you want to let your customers know the last day they can order and still get presents. This does two things:

  1. It removes uncertainty. If you're uncertain if the present will get there on time you might not order. Or if you have to do a bunch of work to guess if it comes on time you might just get lost down the rabbit hole and never come back and order.
  2. It creates urgency. When users come to your site and they see a banner that lists the last day to order it creates pressure. They don't want to forget the present and they don't want to miss the cut off date. They will be more likely to buy right now.

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Selling Videos with WooCommerce

Computer Screen Selling Videos

There are a few different WooCommerce Facebook groups and all of them have great discussions. Earlier today there was a question about selling videos with WooCommerce:

If I have video files in a cloud storage independent from my WordPress site can I link those videos and sell them as digital, downloadable products? I don't want to store videos in my WordPress site.

The short answer is yes – WooCommerce can sell downloadable videos (or any sort of downloadable product).

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How to Process Credit Cards Manually with Stripe

Entering Credit Card with Smartphone

Most e-commerce platforms let you create orders manually. That way even if you're at a conference or a potential customer calls you you can capture those orders.

While many systems let you create orders manually they don't always let you charge a credit card which kind of defeats the purpose. But even if your e-commerce platform doesn't let you process credit cards if you use Stripe you're in luck. They make processing credit cards really easy.

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Easy Membership Sites With WooCommerce Memberships


Two years ago I wrote a post about how hard it was to setup a membership website with WooCommerce. It took twenty two steps and it required two plugins.

Not ideal.

At the time we thought it best to integrate with an existing solution that already had some users. Sounds smart but it forces users to go through the extra steps to make the integration work. And as someone who has to setup his own site & his own accounts I hate when someone drags me through extra steps.

End users don't care what powers their technology. They just want to solve their problem. Which is why we set out to build an entirely new system.

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Add an Arrow to WooCommerce Add to Cart Button

At the very first WooConf Cyndie Shaffstall talked about some of the conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques. One of those techniques was to add an arrow to the Add to Cart button. The arrow helps people find the add to cart button and should increase conversions as it did with many of her clients. So with that knowledge I thought I'd document how you can do that with WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce: When to Use Hooks and When to Use Templates

One of the best reasons to use WooCommerce is that it's a fully featured e-commerce platform and it's open source. That means you can customize every. single. line of code. If you don't like the way something works you can change it or you can hire a developer to change it for you. It's great knowing that as your business grows your software will grow with you.

There are two ways of changing the way WooCommerce works:

  1. Overriding templates
  2. Adding & removing hooks

Both of these methods are good at different things so I'll share when is an appropriate time to use each of them.

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WooCommerce Redirect to Category Page

In WooCommerce when you add a product to your cart the product page refreshes with a little banner confirming you added the item to the cart.

WooCommerce Added to Cart Notice

The “added to cart” notice in WooCommerce

This is useful for big e-commerce stores like Amazon where users are likely to buy multiple items with every checkout. But this isn't useful for every retailer. Some retailers sell very different products and users rarely buy more than one at a time. For example if you sell computer desks like Rebel Desk (yes they totally use WooCommerce) it's unlikely that someone will buy more than desk. And in that case it may help your users to redirect them to another page. Maybe the shop page, maybe a specific category, or maybe directly to the checkout. With a snippet of code you can do that in WooCommerce.

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How to Customize the WooCommerce Sorting Dropdown

Being able to organize your store however you want is one of the best parts about using WooCommerce. You could stick with the default ordering functionality or you may want to customize it a bit for your store. Maybe you want to remove the option to sort by price, or you want to remove the sorting all together (because you only have 5 products), or you want to add a whole new way to sort. That's all possible with WooCommerce.

Removing Sorting Options

WooCommerce Default Sorting

The default sorting in WooCommerce

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