From Ideas to Execution: Crafting a Bespoke Content Creation Process

Content Creation Process

I recently developed a content creation process for eCommerceFuel. In my first three months, I built a process that satisfies two primary responsibilities:

  1. Synthesize the most useful content for our existing members from the internal eCommerceFuel Forum
  2. Publish blog content that will attract 7- and 8-figure eCommerce businesses and encourage them to join the forum

There are a surplus of moving pieces involved in research, strategy, and content production, so I devised a process to help me juggle multiple projects at the same time — without compromising quality.

That's because our target persona (7- and 8-figure business owners) demands very high quality content. If we expect to continue attracting the best and brightest to our community we have to hold our site up to a high standard. And, to ensure it remains consistently relevant, we still need to publish at least once a week.

Here, I'll share how we've created eCommerceFuel's new content creation process from scratch.

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Reviewing 18 Months of Content

Reviewing 18 months of content

For a year and a half I was responsible for the website and the content on the website at Paid Memberships Pro. And the most important traffic channel for PMPro was organic SEO – basically Google. 

To improve our SEO there are two main things we had to do:

  1. Better organize our content
  2. Write new high quality content 

PMPro had over 900 posts when I joined so one of my main goals was to organize those posts into useful categories called cornerstone content.

While organizing content, we also had to make new, high-quality content. Over 18 months the team was able to create and update 175 blog posts. That’s over 2 posts per week! 🤯

Today we’re going to review these posts, see which categories and post types performed well, and then discuss how to best adjust the content strategy.

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Taking a Stab at Marketing Strategy

Taking a Stab at Marketing Strategy

I started my job as Brand Manager at Paid Memberships Pro just over a year ago. Between Kim and myself we did just about all of the marketing for the whole company. I wrote blog posts and newsletters, sent out tweets, reviewed Google Analytics, and analyzed our sales numbers.

As we worked, we slowly built our team. In October we hired a marketing specialist to help us with data entry, social media, and graphics. Then we hired a content manager in January. She's taken over the blog which has opened up my time so I can finally focus on strategy.

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Content Marketing Works – Even with Furnace Filters

Lowes Planning Book

This is post 14 of 31 in the series “Blogging for Hippo”

A month long blogging contest leading up to the release of WooCommerce 2.3 Handsome Hippo.

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A few months ago I wrote about the importance of blogging and content marketing for e-commerce stores of all sizes. Good quality content can bring in thousands of visitors to your site which can turn into tens of thousands of dollars of revenue. To me it's a no brainer to make sure your e-commerce platform can create good quality of content. And that's where one of the joys of blogging comes in.

A thoughtful fellow left a comment about the ineffectiveness of content marketing in some industries and I was so impressed that I didn't want to leave just another comment in response. I wanted to continue this discussion and create a brand new post.

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