Have You Heard of Trypod?

Woman Listening to Headphones

The month of March is all about #trypod. It's a month long campaign between dozens of podcast producers to get people who are podcast fanatics (that's me) to recommend podcasts to others (that's you). Since I find podcasts so valuable I'm helping out.

I'm going to share my favorite podcasts and why they're my favorite. I'll also share some podcasts I used to love and why I no longer listen to them. And then I'll share how I listen to my podcasts efficiently.

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Podcast Compensation

Taking Wallet

Yesterday I talked about creating a happiness podcast and it's a really exciting idea. But before I get going I really want to investigate how podcasts make money – if they can even realistically do that. I want to know before I get started whether it's worth my while monetizing the podcast or keeping it as a pure hobby and not worrying about the money at all.

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A Happiness Podcast?

Zach Galifianakis Happy

Earlier this month I spent a lot of time thinking about why I like to write. I really like sharing information. I have a lot of technical knowledge about WooCommerce so if I can explain how to do something complex in a step by step process I like doing that. I like knowing that people use the information I have to make their business better.

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