Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Use Premium Plugins


I'm a big fan of premium plugins – they typically have more features, better support, and are better maintained than free plugins. Having said that you can actually do quite a bit with all of the free plugins available on the WordPress.org plugin repository. This site for example uses only free plugins and plugins I've written myself (okay technically I'm using one premium plugin because I'm experimenting with it).

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CSS3: Transitions & Animations Presentation

Last night I presented CSS3 Transitions & Animations to the Web920 meetup group.


  • CSS3 Transitions & Animations can help create a good experience on your site
  • CSS3 Transitions are very easy to implement
  • CSS3 Animations are more complex than transitions but they are more powerful
  • CSS3 Transitions & Animations work very well with progressive enhancement
  • A break down of how to code transitions & animations
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