Contact Form 7 & MailPoet Integration

MailPoet Contact Form 7
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I just built a plugin for Contact Form 7. Yup you read that right Contact Form 7. After releasing the MailPoet extension for Ninja Forms I bumped into Kim from MailPoet at WordCamp Europe and we struck up a conversation for some more MailPoet plugins.

So why Contact Form 7? The answer is actually quite simple – it has a very large user base. Contact Form 7 is the platform that most WordPress developers use when they first start building sites. Once you get into the WordPress world a bit you might find Ninja Forms or Gravity Forms but at first you're most likely to run into Contact Form 7.


MailPoet Signup Tag Generator

The tag generator as it appears in the docs

So what does it do?

Well it's quite simple. This plugin adds an extra tag generator to Contact Form 7 which allows you to create a MailPoet Signup field. This field remembers which lists you want to add the users to and it also appears as an opt in / opt out (decided by the admin) checkbox. Then as long as a user adds an email address they'll be added to the MailPoet lists on your site. Easy piesy.

We have this plugin up on GitHub which is where you should go to submit feature requests or any bugs.

What doesn't this plugin do?

This plugin will not help you with world domination unless you need a newsletter in which case it will still be very helpful!

Where is MailPoet Going

It was interesting to see the inner workings of MailPoet and to interact with Kim (one of four founders). They have a lot of extensions coming out which should integrate seamlessly with their main product. If you don't already use MailPoet for your newsletters I highly suggest you stay tuned since they have a lot of awesome extensions planned and they are going to make the whole plugin even better!

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  1. How can I integrate mailpoet form with profitbuilder form.

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