WooCommerce Terms & Conditions

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For something as seemingly simple as setting up a terms & conditions page you would think that we wouldn't get many questions about it but we actually get quite a few questions.

Does WooCommerce Have a Terms & Conditions Page?

WooCommerce Terms PageYes of course we have a Terms & Conditions page. 🙂

If you set the Terms page under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Pages a checkbox will appear right next to the Place Order button at the bottom of the checkout process.

Okay I Have the Checkbox Showing Up? How Do I Change the Wording?

By default the checkbox says: “I have read and accept the terms & conditions”. If you want to change that since you're just tweaking one line I would recommend using the gettext filter.

How Do I Turn Off my WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Page?

Yes – I have received this question before. If you read the above description about setting up the t&c page it should be pretty obvious. You just need to unset the Terms page.

How Do I Check The Terms & Conditions Checkbox By Default?

I'm usually against pre-checking checkboxes but since most users won't read the terms and conditions does it matter? I'd probably leave it unchecked by default but if you want to check yours you should have that option.

I actually was surprised to not find a filter there so I went ahead an added one. Hopefully that get's pulled into WC 2.1 when that is released and then you can use this little plugin I created to turn on the checkbox by default:

* Plugin Name: WooCommerce Check Terms & Conditions
* Plugin URI: https://gist.github.com/BFTrick/7789974
* Description: Make the Terms & Conditions checkbox checked by default
* Author: Patrick Rauland
* Author URI: http://patrickrauland.com/
* Version: 1.0
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
* @author Patrick Rauland
* @since 1.0
* Always check the WC Terms & Conditions checkbox
* @since 1.0
* @return bool
function patricks_wc_terms( $terms_is_checked ) {
return true;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_terms_is_checked', 'patricks_wc_terms', 10 );
add_filter( 'woocommerce_terms_is_checked_default', 'patricks_wc_terms', 10 );

Can the Terms & Conditions Page Open in a Pop Up?

Now this is a good question! By default the Terms & Conditions page opens in a new window (so users don't lose where they are in the checkout process). Opening in a new window is okay but I can certainly see how opening up the terms & conditions page in a lightbox would be preferable from a design perspective. I did a quick Google search and wasn't able to turn up anything. If you're interested in this please contact me.

Update 2014/10/31: After getting a ton of mail asking me to build this I finally did. See my announcement post about the WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Popup.

Terms & Conditions For Everyone

Hopefully this answers some of the questions you may have about how WooCommerce handles the terms & conditions page. If not let me know if the comments. 🙂

39 thoughts on “WooCommerce Terms & Conditions

  1. Would you know what filter to use with the gettext method to change the wording of terms and conditions? Where do you see a list of all these filters?

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Thank you for the “T&C Checked” plugin.
    Can you please give instructions on where to upload your file and what should be changed in “review-order.php”?
    Basically, my question is – how to install this trick 🙂

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much for the detail, and especially for sharing!

  4. woocommerce_terms_is_checked is not working for new version of woocommerce.
    now,you can use:woocommerce_terms_is_checked_default

  5. Hi Patrick,

    Something like http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-popup-plugin/ can be used to make a pop up.


  6. Is there a way to have the term & conditions show up only for certain products? We will be adding a rental product that we need terms & conditions for but no other products.

    • It’s definitely possible. You’d want to write a custom filter for the woocommerce_checkout_show_terms hook and in that filter you’d want to check product IDs and see if one of the specified IDs is in the list and then return true; otherwise return false.

      I wish I could spend the time to customize this for you. Unfortunately I’m a bit busy with other things at the moment. You can probably get it done at Codeable pretty inexpensively and very quickly.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  7. Hey Partric. Thanksf for the helpful info. I have a different issue with woocommerce. We need to write name, address and order total of the customer to terms and conditions form. We can put a static terms & cond page but how can we make it include customer info?


  8. Hi Patrick,

    Since WooCommerce updated their template files in version 2.3.0 the review-order.php file has changed a bit. I used to be able to customize the term and conditions link there (e.g. make bold, change color). Now I can’t, that whole section of code is gone and I don’t know where it went.

    Can you offer any advice?

  9. Is it possible, or is there a plugin where i can put a second checkbox (age verification) there?

    • I don’t know about adding a second checkbox but there is Age Verify plugin that prevents those who are too young from seeing the site at all. I haven’t used it but it’s very highly rated (and free) on WordPress.org

  10. When the customer accepts the “Terms” does it store the value anywhere? If not, having it stored in the order would be great.

  11. Patrick,

    This may be a bit off topic but do you know if it is possible to have WooCommerce pick a T&C page from a custom post type?

    We like to keep all the legal pages under a legal CPT.

  12. Hi Patrick

    Is it possible for a checked Ts & Cs agreement to be unchecked if a user amends the page after checking the box? (I’ve just had a lawyer – of course! – ask me that question about a site that I didn’t build but which uses WooCommerce.) Would be very grateful for any hints.


  13. Hi Patrick,

    How can I make the terms and condition checkbox optional?


  14. Hi Patrick,
    I have a question, in my counrty web-site must add customer info, order info, seller info etc. to terms&conditions. It is a legal must. Thus my terms page must be dynamic and must change on every order? Do you have any idea about this?


  15. Hi, please can you post the full code gettext example to use in functions.php that will allow us to change the text to the terms and conditions check box, I cant find it anywhere…

    Im sure many pthers are also searching for this….

  16. Is there a way to highlight the terms and conditions check box? Even when the message comes up that the customer must check it, the box is so hard to see that they are probably scrolling up and down the page wondering what in the world they missed.

  17. It really worked man. Thanks

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