Customizing WooCommerce Email Styles

There are 269 free WooCommerce themes on which is amazing. And many of them are absolutely gorgeous. And while many of them are gorgeous there is one aspect that developers leave out. And that is making sure that WooCommerce email styles match the theme. As a store owner you want to have a unified experience. Unfortunately in most cases no matter what colors your theme has your emails tend to look like this:

New Customer Email for WooCommerce

The standard New Customer email for WooCommerce

That won't work well if your theme is like my blog's theme: big header, a vibrant purple, and my face in the header. The emails don't resemble that at all.

Luckily there are two good solutions to this problem. The first is a plugin and the second, for savvy developers, is to use custom code.

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Adding CSS3 Animations to Features by WooThemes

Over the last couple of months I've really enjoyed using Features by WooThemes and Testimonials by WooThemes. One of the benefits of these plugins for someone who does a lot of custom theme development is that they come with no styling which makes the output very easy to manipulate. With the flexibility of this plugin I was able to easily add some simple CSS3 animations which really enhance the visual experience.

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CSS3: Transitions & Animations Presentation

Last night I presented CSS3 Transitions & Animations to the Web920 meetup group.


  • CSS3 Transitions & Animations can help create a good experience on your site
  • CSS3 Transitions are very easy to implement
  • CSS3 Animations are more complex than transitions but they are more powerful
  • CSS3 Transitions & Animations work very well with progressive enhancement
  • A break down of how to code transitions & animations
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