How to Be a Better Human – Lessons from WordCamp US

WordCamp US Banner

WordCamps are always educational. You hear about time-saving plugins, you see beautiful themes, and you learn about the latest SEO techniques. WordCamp US was no exception.

I plan to write up some of my favorite SEO techniques from WordCamp US but today I wanted to talk a little bit about the non-technical talks. Knowing the best plugin to promote your latest blog post is great. But if you can't work up the courage to write your first post then what good is the plugin?

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Why I Love the Happiness Bar

It's the day after WordCamp Atlanta and I'll all pumped up with WordPress energy! I answered a couple extra tickets today, I write some code on the plane, and I'm sitting in a coffee shop right now writing up this post. All of this is because I met amazing people like Mika & Cory Miller and I attended some great presentations. The talks were really great but the best part of this weekend had to be the Happiness Bar.

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Skip the After Party Bars

Alcoholic Drinks

There's been a lot of discussion recently about women in WordPress and how we should change the status quo. If you haven't been following along I would start with Sarah Gooding's post about Creating a Culture of Respect. There were some excellent follow ups by Chris Lema & Sarah Pressler.

There's a lot of information to digest and a lot to process. I want to write my opinion in response to these excellent posts but I'm honestly not ready. I work best by breaking things into smaller chunks and digesting those pieces and then moving on. That's why I'm starting with something tangential – why do we host after parties at bars?

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WordCamp Phoenix 2014 Highlights

WordCamp Phoenix 2014

There's snow swirling outside as I sit in my comfy chair at my local coffee shop back in Green Bay. I got back into Green Bay late last night after an amazing WordCamp Phoenix last weekend. If you haven't ever been to a WordCamp you have to go. They're a very affordable conference where you get to meet other people in your industry & hear all sorts of presentations related to WordPress.

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Thoughts on WordCamp Chicago 2013

It's about a month since WordCamp Chicago 2013 and I'm only just getting around to write about it if that tells you how busy I've been at the new job. My first thought is how much difference a year can make. The people were the same, the atmosphere was the same, and the sessions were similar but after throwing my self head first into development this past year made the experience quite different.

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