WordCamp Phoenix 2014

WordCamp Phoenix 2014

Hey everyone!

Yoga in Phoenix

Things you can do in Phoenix that you can't do in Green Bay

I'm enjoying the nice sunny weather in Arizona (which means I escaped Green Bay huzzah!). It's January 14th and it's a high of 70 degrees. I've done rock climbing, hiking, and explored the downtown. I'm in heaven. I'll also be speaking at WordCamp Phoenix later this week.

What I'm Speaking About

I'll be speaking Sunday at 2pm about using the freemium model to build a sustainable business. I'll be bringing up my own experiences building extensions for Ninja Forms & other 3rd parties as well as how I view the freemium model from within WooThemes. I'll talk a little bit about the different ways you can do freemium and I'll bring up plenty of examples from within the WordPress world and a couple of examples that you see everyday.

Rockstar Bar

I'll be at the Rockstar Bar (aka Happiness Bar) Friday from 2pm – 4pm with 5 other volunteers including Chris Lema. If you have any WooThemes / WooCommerce or really any WordPress question please stop by and bug me! If would be even better if you tweet me @bftrick) ahead of time so I do a bit of research before I get there.

Awesome Presenters

The best thing about WordCamps is meeting all of the other people involved with WordPress. Here are some names that I recognize from either having seem them present in person or online. They're all phenomenal speakers and I'm sure you'll get something out of these presentations.




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