Display Currency Code Infront of Symbol in WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a ton of options for multiple currencies right out of the box. WooCommerce comes bundled with dozens of different currencies you can use in your store, there are snippets to add extra currencies, there's also have a really nice Currency Converter Widget to help you display different currencies in your store.

By default WooCommerce will display the currency symbol with the product. You can do all sorts of things like choosing the position of the symbol (some currencies the symbol goes on the right of the number), you can change the decimal separator (some currencies prefer commas to decimal points), and you can change the number of decimal places (some currencies like Yen don't have decimals). We have docs for all of these settings.

This works great for 99% of the stores out there. There are a few exceptions that might require a couple snippets of code to display it exactly the way you want.

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Change Continue Shopping Link in WooCommerce

If you have the “Redirect to the cart page after successful addition” setting active when you add a product to the cart you should be taken to the cart page.

Continue Shopping Link

Continue Shopping -link-on-cart-page

When you're on that page you'll probably notice a little button that say's “Continue Shopping”. Now by default this button takes you back to the product you were on. You can, of course, change this to any destination you want with a filter.

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Blogging for Benjamin Plugin

One of the things I knew I wanted to do when I started this Blogging for Benjamin competition was to easily link users on one of those posts to the original post about the competition. That way users know why there's so many posts in December and about one a month in every other month. So I created a plugin to automatically add a message at the top of each of those posts.

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Change From Address in Ninja Forms

gmail inbox

Guess what I did today? I sent an email to noreply@speakinginbytes.com. Why did I send an email to a noreply@{domain} address? And why to my own domain? Because as I was flying through my email using all of my fancy gmail shortcuts I opened an email, pressed r to reply typed up a response pressed tab and return and let it fly. Only then did realize that I sent it to my own domain. What would've been really handy in this situation would be a way to automatically change the from address in emails that already contain the requestor's email address.

A quick Google search will turn up this great post by the WP Ninjas (the guys who make Ninja Forms) about dynamically changing the email address. This is actually a really great solution because you can specify exactly which fields you want to use for the name & email address as well as which forms you want to apply this to. The only down side is that it isn't plug & play Рand I like plug and play. That way if I ever create another form or modify my form by adding or deleting fields it will still work.

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Notify Admin of Customer Address Change in WooCommerce

woocommerce banner

One of the extensions that I love working with at WooThemes is the Subscriptions extension for WooCommerce. It's probably the most complex extension we have which can make troubleshooting issues challenging but that's offset because the developer also has the best documentation bar none.

The number of possibilities with Subscriptions are really endless. One of my favorite examples is HDPiano.com which sells virtual memberships to learn how to play piano. There's also plenty of users who sell tangible products each month. I just ran into a user who creates fancy shipping labels in Photoshop and uses those labels to ship her products.

The only problem in her case was that she creates the shipping label before the new order comes in so she needed a way to be notified of a customer changing their address before the actual order came in. This is where some of those awesome WooCommerce hooks come in.

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Remove Billing Address for Free Virtual Orders in WooCommerce


One of the best things about WooCommerce is the slick one page checkout. It's really fast since you don't need to reload any pages and it's smart enough to know when you don't need shipping information when you're only purchasing virtual/downloadable products. We like to make sure the site manager has all of the data available to them so if you have a free download available on your site WooCommerce still asks the user for all of their billing address fields which works great for most users.

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Only Ship to Continental United States with WooCommerce

Continental United States

One of the most powerful plugins for WooCommerce is Table Rate Shipping because it's so configurable. You can create your own rules for bulk shipping, weight based shipping, or set up shipping zones and charge different rates for each zone. When someone requests their existing shipping method only support certain zones, or charge extra for specific zones we usually point them to Table Rate Shipping because that extension can do just about anything.

It would be nice if we could take some of the functionality of that plugin out and apply it to other shipping methods (like UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) but at WooThemes we're very aware of feature creep and if we added these other feature the existing shipping methods would be bloated to the point of being unusable. So without adding a whole bunch of options that most users don't want the best way to do this is to write a snippet of code to do this.

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Update Downloadable Product’s Expiration Date in WooCommere

sql query

WooCommerce has a pretty fantastic admin user interface. There's just enough tabs to only show you the data you need to see and have the rest of the data be easily accessible. If you're just editing one product it should be easy to change something as simple as the “download expiration” field. But what happens if you need to bulk edit products? Could you use the WordPress bulk editor?

The default WordPress bulk editor is great for a handful of products. But what if your company has some sort of policy change? Like one that changes how long all of your links are valid. If that's the case you could easily be editing all of the products in your store. That's where it helps to know a little code and just update the database directly.

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