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Over the past couple weeks I've been pretty busy. So busy that I completely forgot to do those traditional business things like get business cards. facepalm

That's okay though – because I'm able to announce two projects this week.

I've spent part of my time consulting for some amazing e-commerce businesses (<- future post). And I've spent another part creating e-commerce content for Lynda.com. And today I'm happy to announce that we created and launched Learn Shopify: The Basics.

Learn Shopify

Shopify is one of the most well known e-commerce platforms out there. Now part of that is because they sponsor a bazillion podcasts so it's hard not to know them. But the other part is that their software is extraordinary.

While other platforms focus on customization & options. Shopify focuses on being the hub of your business. It's a hosted solution that only requires an email address and a password to get started.

There's never any hosting problems. You spend your time marketing your business instead of mitigating technical problems. It's the perfect platform for someone who has a product that will sell if they can just get it in-front of someone.

In an hour and a half we're going to:

  • Create a store
  • Add physical products
  • Manage inventory
  • Add downloadable products & digital downloads
  • Browse through the theme store & pick a theme
  • Customize that theme's colors to match our brand
  • Configure our shipping settings
  • Configure our payment settings
  • Browse the app store
  • Install and configure the MailChimp newsletter app
  • Manage orders
  • View & customize reports

And at the end there are some tips to help you launch your store and integrate with essential 3rd party services like Google Analytics.

Launch Your Online Store

If you've always wanted to start your own online store – this course will show you all of the basics and then some. Here's a sample:

Interwoven through the course are e-commerce fundamentals like pricing, social proof, & subsidy costs. We also cover rules of thumb that are worth implementing right away; and testing them down the road when you get enough traffic to run A/B tests.

Shopify is a fantastic route for an aspiring entrepreneur. I hope you check out the course.

If you've never heard of Lynda.com before it's actually how I got into web. I learned HTML, CSS, & JavaScript through their phenomenal video tutorials something like 10 years ago. I've used them ever since. If you follow my link you can get a 7 day free trial on Lynda.com.

Happy selling!

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