Announcing WooCommerce E-Book

Today is a fun day. It's the day that I'm finally ready to announce that I'm writing an e-book all about WooCommerce. I present to you The Store Owner's Guide to WooCommerce.

The Store Owner's Guide to WoocommerceI'm Really Excited to Write This Book

I've been on the fence about writing this book for a long time. There's so much I want to share but writing an e-book is like running a marathon. It means many hours of practice (writing) before you cross that finish line.

Despite all of the work I feel that it's worth it. There's clearly a demand for this information and I like the challenge.

What This Book is About

WooCommerce is amazingly powerful and people say so many good things about it but it's hard to really grasp it when you first hear about it. You usually have to do a bunch of research before you're sold on the platform. This is silly. Let's put all of those common questions into one easy to read resource.

Most store owners have the same questions:

  • How do I get paid?
  • How can I get shipping quotes?
  • Can I sell a product like _____?
  • Do you recommend any hosts?

I've compiled a list of the most common questions and I plan on answering them in this book. I also wanted to answer some of the questions I hear all the time from developers. Things like:

  • How can we customize WooCommerce?
  • How can we create a one page store?
  • Do you recommend a payment gateway for orders over $1,000? (and yes there is a great gateway for this!)

After all of that I'm going to cover some troubleshooting tips. Things that will save you hours of debugging to figure out why you aren't getting shipping rates (hint: did you check to make sure your UPS account is enabled? Did you know you can easily see that error with debug enabled?).

More Than a Book

This isn't just going to be an e-book there will be plenty of other media. I plan on including tutorials and interviews as well. Topics like Customizing WooCommerce will be much better with a rich medium like video rather than just text.

So When is it Coming Out?

There isn't an ETA yet. I'll be moving to a different state, taking some vacation, and changing job roles so it's going to be crazy busy this summer. I hope to have a release by late fall. For updates on the release date and a preview of some of the content I definitely recommend signing up for the newsletter in the sidebar.

6 thoughts on “Announcing WooCommerce E-Book

  1. This is a great idea Patrick! I’m looking forward to read that e-book!

  2. I’m going to buy all.the.e-copies.

  3. Looking forward to both reading it, and recommending it to everyone who asks: WooCommerce looks great, but where should I start?!

  4. Please torrent this ebook freely, it will help everybody by its spirit of openness

    • Thanks for your thoughts here Steve. Learning more about the Amazon Kindle store and how to setup / manage books is actually one of the motivating factors for me. If you want to keep reading free content I suggest you keep reading this blog as everything here will always be free. 🙂

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