New Job Title: WooThemes Developer

Exactly one year ago I joined WooThemes and I got to work with the WooCommerce support team. As of today I'm switching roles and my new job title will be WooThemes Developer.


I loved my time working in WooCommerce support. I met amazing people, learned how to sympathize & understand customers, contributed to WooCommerce (and even got in the top 10 contributors), and challenged my assumptions. Before working in support writing code was an academic exercise with right and wrong answers. Now everything is a shade of grey with pros and cons for every single decision you make. If you implement the feature it will make it the perfect product for one user and the worst product in the world for someone else. What a wonderful life lesson to learn that no matter what you do you can't possibly please everyone. You can only learn that once you've heard feedback from thousands of customers.


It seems like it's time to move into a different role. Support was great but it's time for me to learn even more by transitioning into a role where I'm developing alongside other WordPress rockstars. I've built custom themes & plugins before but never for a customer base of 100,000+. There will be so many new best practices to master and tools to become familiar with.

I'll be building extensions for WooCommerce, auditing other extensions, and hopefully spending some time writing new features for WooCommerce. Even though we're already the most prolific e-commerce solution there's still so much functionality that we can add.

I'll of course still be working on my WooCommerce e-book in my free time.


I did support last year, dev this year, and maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to do something different next year. I love moving around to different positions and picking up new skills. It's kind of like the tagline of this blog. Learn cool stuff, share cool stuff, repeat.


9 thoughts on “New Job Title: WooThemes Developer

  1. Congratulations Patrick, this is a well derserved new role. You are one of the bright minds WooCommerce needs to grow further and I’m sure you’ll be able to make a big impact. I enjoyed working together in the past (close to a) year and I’m sure our code will meet again soon. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the move, Patrick. I must admit I’ll miss seeing you so adeptly handle my tickets, but I hope we’ll continue to see those good WooCommerce GitHub commits.

  3. Congrats Patrick. I will definitely miss your help in support, but also look forward to working with you more on code!

  4. Congratulations Patrick.
    You deserve and certainly you will continue doing a great job.

  5. This calls for a champagne robo-party!

    Congratulations buddy!

  6. Congratulations, and best of luck. From the quality support you’ve been dishing out over the past year, you’ll be an excellent addition to their team.

  7. Congratulations Patrick! Well deserved!

  8. thanks alot , but one thing i want to know, who can we enable or disable it using checkbox, as we enable tax in the general tab setting, , ,please give me the answer ,

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