Metorik: The Missing Analytics for WooCommerce

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I've written about WooCommerce reporting in the past. And at that time the best solutions were plugins you installed yourself. That's no longer the case. Metorik is a service designed specifically to understand your WooCommerce data.

Metorik was created by Bryce Adams who used to work for WooCommerce. So it's well built, well designed, and it enhances the reporting experience in WooCommerce. And not just a little bit. But a lot.


One of my favorite features in Metorik are the digests. You can set up daily, weekly, or monthly digests.

And in that digest you can include sales KPIs like number of orders & revenue and it compares them to the previous period.

Metorik Digest

A monthly digest from Metorik.

You can also include data about your products. Like a summary of products sold. The top products sold. And it compares it to the previous period as well.

Metorik Digest Products

A product digest from Metorik

You don't like email digests? That's fine. You can also connect to Slack. And have them sent to a Slack channel.

Order Report

One of the most useful reports is the Order report. It reminds me of Google Analytics if it was designed for WooCommere. There's a lot of stats & graphs on the page. And right at the top there's a handy overview.

Metorik Order Report Graph

This is just a test store. Otherwise the last two weeks are terrible!

And after that are some KPIs all about your orders. So if you're like me and you really like to track your progress these numbers should really help you out.

Metorik Order Report KPIs

I love KPIs. And these are great KPIs for any e-commerce store.

Customer Report

And this is my favorite piece of data. Because is one of the most useful metrics for e-commerce and it's really hard to calculate. Metorik calculates your customer lifetime value (CLV).

Metorik Customer Report KPIs

Customer lifetime value (CLV) and other important KPIs for e-commerce

One of the downsides of self hosted software like WooCommerce is that calculating complex metrics like customer lifetime value is really challenging. If you can calculate it at all it'll probably slow down your site. So having a 3rd party tool like Metorik do it for you is really useful. Keep your site fast and get all of the data you need.


And I want to get them props for their onboarding experience. It's a primarily API driven application. Meaning you mostly have to grant access to your site through a modal window. Give metorik a few minutes to crunch the numbers. And you're up and running.

Metorik is for Winning

Metorik is a marketer's dream. And once you've built your e-commerce store you really should focus on the marketing and not your tech.

There's a ton of useful graphs I skipped over. Devices, countries, refunds, etc. And some insanely useful features like being able to filter (segment) all of your reports.

Bryce is a pretty ambitious guy. You can see what he's working on. Like reports for WooCommerce Subscriptions & integrating with Cost of Goods for WooCommerce. And you can vote for the features that make the most sense for you.

Metorik Mascot Jarvis

Jarvis – the mascot for Metorik.

Overall: I'm in love with Metorik (and their mascot). Once you get your store up and running Metorik should provide all the information you need to grow your store.

Happy growing!

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