White Label Forms Add-On for Ninja Forms

White Label Forms

I've been in Denver just over a week and in addition to apartment hunting, meeting new friends, and enjoying the 4th of July I was able able to launch my 8th add-on for Ninja Forms, White Label Forms.

Why White Label?

White labeling a product has several very good uses. The most important is that it builds your brand. If your client is looking around the WordPress dashboard and they see that you have your own form solution they'll think you're the form guru and they'll come to you for answers. This is a win-win. You'll get follow up business and your clients will get better service from you than from any forum or support channel.

When they want to add users to their newsletter list, or add submissions to a CRM, or convert the submissions to PDFs, or anything else they'll come to you first and you can make the call on what solution to use. If you have a developers license to your products you can pass those savings onto your customer and it makes the developer license a better deal.

Most users don't care how something gets done they just want to have something that works. As the site developer you're the most qualified to know what solution works best for your clients. Don't let them take control of the website away from you. Make sure you're the first person they consult before making any changes to the site.

How Does White Labeling Work?

This plugin is actually pretty simple. You can enter the name of your brand and all instances of Ninja Forms will be replaced by your brand name. It creates a non branded shortcode ([display_form]), it replaces all plugin names and descriptions with your brand name, and you can also replace the icon in the WordPress admin. Pretty cool huh?

Happy white labeling!

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