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I love that apps can autoupdate on OSX. It means when I log on in the morning I have the latest and greatest. But it's not all good. I logged in a couple days ago and I noticed that my shortcut for taking Droplr screenshots had completely changed. Droplr updated and somehow my old shortcut had been completely overridden.

Previously, I had my shortcut for Droplr set to command + shift + 4 but now that was replaced by the default mac screenshot shortcut. So I had to unset the default setting and then update the Droplr shortcut.

Unsetting Default Mac Shortcut

The first part of this addresses removing the default mac shortcut. If your preferred shortcut isn't already used you can skip to step 4.

1. System Preferences

System Preferences

Open up your system preferences & click on Keyboard

2. Keyboard Shortcuts


Click on the Shortcuts tab

3. Unset the Save Picture Shortcut

Keyboard Shortcuts

Unset the default save picture shortcut

Set the Droplr Shortcut

Now that we cleared the default shortcut we can go into Droplr and save our new shortcut.

4. Open Droplr Settings

Droplr Preferences

Open up Droplr and click on the settings icon

5. Set A New Droplr Shortcut

Droplr General Prefernces

Save your new shortcut

And that's it! 🙂

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