2013 Freelancing Review

I already talked a little about how I did with my 2013 resolutions but after reading Pippin's 2013 review I really wanted to add a little bit about how my freelancing & extension development has worked out.


I started out the year having never built a premium plugin so in that regard that's a infinite percentage gain – can't go wrong there! 🙂

I released User Analytics early June and have released two more extensions throughout 2013. I also took over three plugins, polished them up, and relaunched them. So after a year I have six premium plugins.

Client Work

I'm pretty particular about who I work with. I don't want one of those 20% clients that takes up 80% of my time. I only accepted two client projects this year. For one client I was able to use their fee to create a premium plugin – they're using the beta version right now and I hope to have the plugin launched in a month or two.

I've also been consulting for my previous employer a couple hours a month – this was something that we agree upon with my terms of leaving. I'm happy that they won't need (too much more) further work. That means I can accept another one or two clients in 2014.

The Numbers

One of the cool things Pippin did in his posts was talk about the numbers, the money he's making from his plugins. I think that this is a really great idea as it adds a context to all of your posts. But it also scares the crap out of me! What if people judge me by how much money I make or don't make? Well I don't know. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I've decided that there isn't much sense in worrying so I'm just going to post these and see what happens.

Note: these number don't include December since I get those commissions in January.

  • Units Sold: 30
  • Revenue From Plugins: $465.62
  • Number of client projects: 2
  • Revenue From Clients: $851
  • Total revenue: $1,516.62

Wrap Up

These numbers aren't exactly something I can retire with. They just about pay for my fancy coffee habit.

I'm really excited for 2014. I'll have a whole year's worth of data to share and I'll be building on top of what I already have. 2013 was an excellent start. I hope I can take what I have make it better, do some marketing to sell what I have, and more than any of that I hope that I have fun while doing it! So far each and every single one of these projects has been a blast to develop.

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