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Just a few weeks ago I saw a review by Pippin about Ninja Forms and I was immediately impressed. It is intuitive, well documented, & open source; all without a yearly fee. At the same time I was trying to get the most out of my contact forms and I was adding hidden fields that allow me to capture additional information (like geolocation, browser, operating system, etc) about the user without bothering them.

So, in the interest of getting the most out of every opportunity presented to me I took the plunge and developed User Analytics for Ninja Forms.

Extension Features

This extension allows you to automagically capture:

  • Geolocation (country, state, zip, city)
  • Hardware / software (browser, browser version, operating system)
  • IP address

Extension Roadmap

This plugin isn't nearly done. In the near future I want to parse the information in the Google Analytics cookie and give admins even more information like:

  • Number of pages visited
  • Time on site
  • Previous Visits
  • SEM Campaign
  • Referring page

And after all that is done I want to improve it even more by showing the admin the actual page path that was taken to get to the form.

So you can see there is still a bunch to do and the best part is that I use this myself. As I continually update this and expand upon it expect the plugin to change.


Ninja Forms is awesome. If you've tried Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, JotForm, or WuFoo in the past I encourage you to try Ninja Forms because it gives a lot of value without a yearly price tag.

This is my first paid extension that I'm releasing. I hope it goes well and if it does then I plan on releasing many more for Ninja Forms and other markets.

13 thoughts on “User Analytics Extension for Ninja Forms

  1. Great job, Patrick. I’ve been a pretty die-hard Gravity Forms user, but I’ve been seeing Ninja Forms around and I think it’s about time to check it out.

    • Thanks Dustin! Ninja Forms is pretty great especially since it is open source and extensible. BR isn’t very comfortable with the idea of an annual fee for a product so this is a better fit for the agency.

  2. Hi !!!
    I want to capture time and ip address of the form submitter user.
    How can i do that?
    I am using NINJA FORMS as a form for my website..
    Please do reply asap!!!

  3. Jeremy R Miller

    Will there be an update for Ninja forms 3.0+ ?

  4. Jeremy R Miller

    Awesome! Thanks for the update

  5. Hi Patrick, does this plugin work off the query string, or via the analytics cookie? Reason for asking is, i’d like to track and pass through the google keyword the person found us with, without having to re-write the url to included this keyword/utm_term, if they’re filling out the form on say the 2nd page on their visit.

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