The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course

The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course

Today I want to promote a course that's not my own. There's no affiliate deal & no partnership. I just want to promote a project that I think is seriously undervalued.

At last year's WordCamp US Matt Mullenweg said, “Learn JavaScript Deeply”.

It was a powerful call to action for the WordPress community. The WordPress project is moving in that direction, the web in general is moving in that direction, and if you don't want to be left behind you should also move in that direction.

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of resources out there to help you learn JavaScript. At least not within the context of WordPress.

It can be hard to start when you don't know where the starting line is. I've heard about Backbone, Angular and React, but which one do I use? And when?

Well I have good news. Zac Gordon has been working on a JavaScript course for the past year. Not just part time. But he's been doing it full-time for almost that entire time. That means there's a ton of content organized in a way to make it easy for you to learn.

In fact, he's put so much time and energy into the course itself that he hasn't spent much time marketing it.

So if you're a developer in the WordPress world I highly recommend you checkout his course The JavaScript for WordPress Mastercourse.

Course Content

Zac does a great job covering everything. The course is broken up into 4 modules.

The first one is about JavaScript fundamentals. So if you've never written any JS code or if you've only written a few tiny jQuery plugins (that's my skill level) then this is the place to start. It'll give you everything you need to fully understand the next module.

The second part is about all of those fancy frameworks that you keep hearing about. Namely: Backbone, Angular, and React. I know Calypso ( is built with React. I know NinjaForms uses Backbone and I know somewhere there's a WordPress project that uses Angular. Zac highlights the strengths and benefits of each.

In the next module he goes into detail about the WordPress REST API.

And then finally he covers real world examples.

That's a lot of content. And he's constantly updating it.

Get In Now

Every developer should know more about JavaScript and Zac's master course is one of the best ways of doing this.

Because he's constantly adding new content he's constantly increasing the price. It started at $99 and now it's up to $397. And as of January 1st it will go up to $697.

Now this course is totally worth $697. But he's giving everyone a chance to lock in the old pricing.

So head on over to his site and you can lock in the current pricing of $397 by clicking on “reserve your seat” and entering your name & email. That's it. You can save $300 by entering your name and email. It's a no brainer.

Zac is a great guy and an amazing teacher. You'll thank yourself for reserving this price and not falling behind.

Happy learning!

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