Leaving Automattic

TLDR; I’m leaving Automattic. My last day will be August 25th. I’ll miss working with this incredible company – mostly because of the incredible people. 🙂

Why I’m Leaving

Let me start with Automattic is the best job I’ve ever had. By far.

Anytime there is a merger or acquisition there’s bound to be some restructuring. And gradually over the last year I did less and less of the things that I like to do.

I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. I just know that I need to be challenged to continue to grow. I’m keen to dig more into product management & product marketing.

Things That Make Me Proud

There are numerous projects at WooThemes / Automattic that I’m really proud of.

I loved developing some of the core functionality in WooCommerce, helping with both WooConfs, I loved helping lead 3 WooCommerce releases, kickstarting our NPS endeavors, writing a bajillion product specs, and then feeling so incredibly good when a product finally gets launched (like Square).

I'm also proud of my meet-a-mattician score of 38% (meaning I've met 38% of Automatticians).


The absolute best part of Automattic is the people and I have some magical memories.

  • Michael Arestad – For being the most friendly Automattician in Denver. You made a real effort to reach out to me and bring me in the Automattic family. I’ll always appreciate it.
  • Karen Arnold – For showing me around ABQ and great chats over dinner
  • Marjorie Asturias – For a great chat at WordCamp Albuquerque ? – I can’t believe we both spoke at WordCamp Dallas Fort Worth and we didn’t say hi!
  • Scotty Basgaard – I’ve always loved your commitment to the WordPress project. WordSesh is an amazing tool for the community. Happy to work along side you.
  • Kevin Bates – For having the perfect amount of beard scruff… I still don’t understand how you do it.
  • Sheri Bigelow – I love your positivity and your passion. I wish the world could be filled with Sheri’s. Thanks for making the effort to meet up when you were in Denver. It was nice to say hi.
  • Joel Bronkowski – You always wanted to talk to me about the Packers! Every time I saw you you wanted to talk about the Packers despite the fact that I didn’t even watch the games. I’ll miss your conversational nature and your positivity.
  • Caleb Burks – You’ve got passion and skill. Nothing’s going to stop you.
  • Paul Ciano – You’re a real life (food) ninja! The entire week in Barcelona I never saw you eat food. One second it was on your plate and the next it was gone. You’ve got mad ninja skills. I also really appreciate your cerebral hobbies, passions, role models, etc. I thought I read some interesting stuff but the people & content you follow makes me feel like I’m in kindergarten again.
  • Matty Cohen – You got me into product. It’s something I didn’t realize that I love so thank you for helping me unlock that within myself. Also “Eatin & Drinkin”
  • Sean Cull – You were a champ when we had the support meetup in Chicago. I remember getting up super early to play one last board game before we left.
  • Elizabeth Eurello – For driving me to Walter White’s house
  • Steve Ellemberg – I can’t believe we met at the first WooConf and then you decided to apply after that conference. And then a year later we’re working on the same team. Crazy random happenstance huh? Thanks for helping me grow even when I wasn’t my usual motivated self the past couple months
  • Jesse Friedman – You inspired me to write a book which then helped me create a course for Lynda.com. Lynda is where I started web development. You helped me come full circle and I don’t think I can ever pay you back for that.
  • Kelly Hoffman – Thanks for putting up with my insistent pleas for rock climbing. I think it finally turned into a good thing. Also that one time you put my name in for Karaoke! I wouldn't have done it on my own so I really appreciate it. 🙂
  • Warren Holmes – For getting me started with my Audible obsession. It was an offhand comment at IRCE in Chicago but it’s given me 20 days 12 hours and 33 minutes of listening pleasure (so far).
  • Jen Hooks – Ugh…  that embarrassing moment outside the elevator at WordCamp US. Appreciate how cool you were with that. 🙂
  • Sam Hotchkiss – I’ve always loved Brute Protect and I loved how you presented it. You epitomize the “let me help you; and if you need help I have a solution for you” approach. You were always helpful and it’s nice to be able to “sell” by being helpful. Thanks for showing me that.
  • Sven Hutchinson – “I’ll be ready…” I wasn’t even at WooThemes when that happened but loved seeing that gif around Woo Hipchat/Slack
  • Magnus Jepson – In addition to the infamous Boo moment you also convinced me to read Hatching Twitter. Thanks for helping me get back into reading
  • Mike Jolley – I can’t articulate how rare it is to find someone who is a capable developer but also has a knack for user experience. You are the person most responsible for WooCommerce’s success. It’s incredibly inspiring to have worked along side you for a few WooCommerce launches
  • Kevin Killingsworth – For your bravery and openness talking about relationships the very first time we met. It's inspirational and it’s changed the way I’m going to talk about my relationships. ( <- see what I did there? )
  • Nicole Kohler – We played so many board games and had so many good life talks. Thanks for being open. It felt like a real connection not something fleeting or superficial. That doesn't happen with many people. Wish you the best moving forward! 🙂
  • Barry Kooij – Hindsight is 20/20. It seems like you had the right intuition. Hope your own ventures continue to prove fruitful.
  • Jay Koster – “Pardon my reach” – loved chatting about the differences between the US & the UK
  • Mikey Krapf – You’re really good leading people and helping them be the best version of themselves. And on a more tactical level you convinced me to get a ROTH IRA many years ago. Super appreciate that one. 🙂
  • Beau Lebens – For your expert burrito advice
  • Dwain Maralack – Watching you eat a Reeses Peanut Butter cookie at the Creamery in San Francisco. You loved it so much you bought every cookie they had.
  • Lori McLeese – You are just… wow. You? I don’t think you can describe Lori with words. There’s just too much awesome. You are perfect for Automattic. Thanks for welcoming me with open arms.
  • Mike Moore (not the documentary maker) – It was great to really chat on the Barcelona trip. It’s amazing when you have a job like this what you could do with your life and how you could live it. I expect some sort of epic news from you in a year or two. 🙂
  • Simon Ouderkirk – I was instantly impressed with how you talk about business, leadership, learning, and the culture at Automattic. I love that we had similar interests on that front as well as podcasting and freaking Warhammer 40,000! Sorry (not sorry) for addicting you to Freeblade.
  • Marina Pape – Eating affogato every morning before WordCamp San Francisco
  • Aviva Pinchas – I loved our chats about how to position WooCommerce against other platforms. I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job leading the charge on that
  • Rodrigo Primo – For organizing rock climbing and for talking about ahimsa. You’re unapologetically yourself and I love it.
  • Ryan Ray – “Twist and pinch” in Berlin. Good times.
  • Claudio Sanches – There have been countless lost-in-translation moments. We’ve had good times. So happy you were contributing to WooCommerce on GitHub and we were looking for a developer. It was perfect timing. 🙂
  • Danny Santoro – That one time you accidentally packed your swiss army knife in your carry-on luggage and went through security
  • Thomas Shellberg – Thanks for introducing me to Denver and for my awesome yellow bike. I’m happy for you even though you left the mile high city. 😛
  • Derek Smart – For showing me that you can “make showers great again” with a light up shower head.
  • Andrew Spittle – We had a few group discussions on the WooTrip and I really appreciate how good you are at abstracting complex topics and questioning assumptions. Really wish I had the time to chat more with you.
  • Ian Stewart – I loved played Perudo with you at the GM! You had a streak of bad luck and were knocked out quick but you kept trying! I hope we can continue to nerd out to board games.
  • Hannah Swain – Chatting with you in Barcelona. It was great to see you relax and slowly be more and more of yourself over the course of that week. Also that one time we sang along to Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog in the car and probably bored Sean & Paul in the back
  • Michael Tieso – I loved our chats about travel and TravelBlogSuccess. You’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and I love what you’re doing for Woo now. Also that one time you got destroyed in Exploding Kittens at the GM. I believe Aviva exploded you. Not sure why I remember that moment but it was certainly a good time. ?
  • Ines Van Essen – You’re the epitome of the passion that Automattic wants. You’re going to do amazing things at Automattic with that mindset. I can’t wait to bump into you at a future WordCamp and hear about all of the amazing things you’re bound to do.
  • Andrew Wikel – So many stories! How about playing Heads Up with Mindy, Will, and myself and trying to get Mindy to guess Dinosaur?
  • Lance Willett – Chatting about being 3rd culture kids.

I do want to apologize to anyone I met in the past couple months. I've been thinking really long & hard about this decision to make sure it's not an impulsive decision. But I've been a bit quieter and less energetic than I normally am.

Mark & Magnus

I’ve broken you two out from the rest because you made one decision that drastically changed my life.

It wasn’t just for hiring me at WooThemes but for helping me move to Denver. You gave me a cost of living adjustment so I could continue to work with you and live in a place that I love. My life would be completely different if I didn’t make the move. You drastically increased the happiness I experience every day. It truly was a life changing event.

Thank you.

Thanks to everyone at Automattic. I’m sure I’ll see you around at some point. 🙂

44 thoughts on “Leaving Automattic

  1. Very sad to see you go. Keep in touch! I’m proud I could be a small bit of inspiration for your awesome success.

  2. Hey Patrick, I am so glad I have known you for as long as I have and can call you a good friend. You did amazing things at Woo and I know your last year at Automattic has been an great experience for you as well.

    But yes, we all find that time to move on. And I know there are huge things out there just waiting for you… wishing you well on that journey and looking forward to our continued friendship… cheers!

  3. Sad to see you go, Patrick…

    But, I’m also excited to see what comes next for you!

    Keep in touch!



  4. Sad to see you go, especially after finally meeting face to face a month ago. Best of luck on your future endeavors!

  5. You are a top-notch human being. I hope our paths cross again. <3

  6. I’m so honored to be included in this list. I’m going to miss you around here, but I’m just gonna stalk you on your blog and wait to meet you again at a future WordCamp. Maybe…DFW again? hint hint

    It was so lovely to meet you in Albuquerque. I’m glad we got to chat, even if it was for just that weekend. I look forward to our next conversation, wherever and whenever it may be. It’s never going to be too soon!


  7. If you don’t keep in touch I will find you and give you a death glare.

    Seriously though, I’m SO SO SO SAD you are leaving but I know you will go on to do super awesome amazing things because you are a super awesome amazing person, friend, and worker. Youdabest.

    So glad we’ve made great memories and hoping we can have that massive hug at WCUS (but if not, I stole one from you in Germany, ha!).

  8. Aw man! I’m happy I’ll still get to see you around though, especially for our climbing sessions. So glad that ended up working out 🙂

    Excited to hear what you end up doing next!

  9. Hey Patrick, such sad news!
    I’m glad I got to spend some time with you in SF. I’ll definitely remember the passion you have for all things product. Besides work you’re a very good listener and I always felt understood when speaking to you.

    I wish you only the best man, only the best! God bless!

  10. Best of luck!

    I look forward to seeing what your next project is!

  11. Good luck, Patrick! Remember the brownies in Amsterdam? That was one weird tram ride! 😀

  12. Best of luck with whatever is next, Patrick!

  13. I liked the post, not because I particularly like hearing that one of my best coworker/friends is now going to be not a coworker (but still a friend), but because of the simple fact that you are going to be awesome at whatever you end up doing, and knowing that I will still see you around.

    It’s been a pleasure this last 2 years, sir, and I hope to see you again really soon.

  14. It was an honor working with you sir.

  15. Super sad you’re leaving, but I know you will be awesome at what you do next.

    Definitely need to make sure we cross paths in the future 🙂

  16. You were the first person to chat me up on Woo Slack, talking about burritos and San Francisco. I’ll miss us getting excited together over superhero TV series and peanut butter, finding yummy drinks, and laughing about silly stuffs.

    I’ve always admired your enthusiasm and commitment to making others happy, growth and sharing knowledge via public speaking, writing books and going the extra mile in everything you do. You have so much to give, and deep down I knew it was only a matter of time before you left to chase your passion.

    When I deliver my first talk at a WordCamp, I’ll remember that your encouragement and positivity got me there.

    I’ll miss you 🙁 And thank you 🙂

  17. Best of luck, Patrick! I’m sure it will all work out for you eventually! Hope you’ll keep attending WordCamps so we can meet in the future and have a beer (WordCamp Nederland 2016 hint hint).

  18. Gonna miss you Patrick. Thanks for introducing me to the world of Citadels (and sorry for creasing your cards)!

    Good luck with your future endeavours – I’m sure you’ll kill it whatever you do.

    Keep in touch 🙂

  19. Dang, I’m sad to read this 🙁

    My social ineptitude means I don’t meet many people who I get along with effortlessly. You’re one of those few people whom I do. You’ll be missed Patrick.

    Best of luck in the next step on your adventure. Here’s hoping that one day we can rematch our international 40k battle xD

  20. So long, Patrick! It was great hanging out with you in ABQ. 😀 I hope whatever’s next is amazing.

  21. Wow! What asuperhero send-off! Everyone is super confident about your future success and so am I. Lots of world travel on the cards, it seems.

  22. Awww! I was looking forward to seeing you again in September, but I guess it’ll have to be At A WordCamp instead. 🙂 Not good-bye, just so long for now! 🙂

  23. I hope you’ll continue this blog, and wish you all the best! Still using your Cookbook!

  24. Thank you for being you. I’m going to miss your openness, honesty and personality at work. You’re an amazing person. Might have to head to Denver to check it out, sooner than later.

    Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Heads Up. That’s brought me and Ligeia hours of joy 🙂

  25. Hey Patrick

    I’ll miss having random chats with you on Slack and at WooTrips! I found every conversation we had to be fascinating, and I found you to be really genuine. Stay that way, wherever you end up I know you will add immense value!

    I know we didn’t get to make a lot of product together but I enjoyed working with you nonetheless!

    Follow your dreams dude, I know you’ll succeed!

  26. Best of luck with what’s next, Patrick. You’ll be missed at Automattic. And nerding it up and playing Perudo with you was a highlight of that trip for me! I own Perudo now. Maybe one day we can lie about dice again. 🙂

  27. Wishing you the best Patrick for whatever is next! We all know you’ll rock it.

    It’s an honor to have worked along side you and to call you friend.

    I look forward to the next time we see each other and I would love to catch up soon!

    See you at WordSesh 4?

    Scotty B

  28. So great to follow your heart!

  29. Alex Juchniewicz


    I did not work with you at Automattic, however we did have lunch in WC Miami this year where we met in the food line to talk about life. It was great to meet you and just have a normal conversation. Glad to see you are pursuing your passions and doing what will make you happy. It looks like a lot of folks were touched by you and the conversations you had.

    Good look in the next chapter life brings you my friend. Cheers.


  30. Awww, Patrick. Thank you. We’ll miss you here and I wish you the best as you start this next chapter.

  31. Don’t be a stranger, Patrick– Albuquerque is just a short, beautiful drive down the Rockies!

    Best of luck in all of your endeavors– your passion and intelligence has been an inspiration since we first met in Atlanta years ago.

  32. Even though you joined Woo after I did, it always felt like you were an integral part of the team that had always been there. We never really worked directly together for any length of time, but your knowledge and skills will be sorely missed!

    Good luck for your next chapter and remember that Cape Town is always open to you and our WordCamp would happily welcome you any time 🙂

  33. Well, I didn’t have many chances to spend time with you, but those that I had were awesome!

    It was great to work with you, both at Woo/A8C and on other projects, like your book!

    Keep up the good work man, and good luck with anything you’ll do in the future!

    I’ll really miss you!

  34. Thanks for committing such a significant chapter of your life to Woo and Automattic. I’m glad we played a small part in helping get you to Denver, as you helped Woo find it’s home on the internet.

    All the best with the next chapter, which I’ll be following with keen interest!

  35. Patrick, it’s been an honour. I’ll always have fond memories of gaming at meetups, the GM, and getting a crash course in Warhammer 40k in The Haigue during our team meetup. Also, the “eatin and drinkin” in Amsterdam, and the moment when Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl all converged into one (OMW!). 🙂

    So many fond memories… where to start is tricky. From Spaceteam on the bus to IRCE 2013, to Citadels in Amsterdam, to Pandemic in Park City, Utah, alongside all the “eatin and drinkin”… and compiling product specs and visions together. It’s been a wild ride!

    I look forward to seeing what you do next. I’m sure you’ll be amazing and whatever you decide to take on next. Please do keep in touch and, if you find yourself south of the equator, look me up! 🙂

    • You will be missed, my friend. The sheer warmth in these comments shows exactly how much you will be missed. Without our conversations after Milwaukee, I don’t know if I would have drilled as far into WooCommerce as I have, and for that I will forever be grateful. You’ve helped shape the software that I make my living with and the path I take in the future with it. Please keep in touch and let me know where you land.

  36. Patrick! Even though we didn’t work on anything together, I always enjoyed talking to you. Your love for people and products that help people is tangible. Keep growing in that! I’m sure you will do well, wherever you go and what ever you do. All the best man!

  37. Oh, wow, I just saw this post. You’ll be missed – best of luck with whatever comes next!

  38. It’s been a pleasure both working with you, and hanging out with you during our meet ups and trips. I have the same problem with you that I do with most of our other colleagues: I wish we all lived closer so we could hang out more 🙂

    When I think of board games, I’ll always think of you. Playing Boss Monster early in the morning the day we left in SF, that was hilarious. You were trying to explain the rules, and were very patient, and I was like a sleep-deprived zombie. I may even have blacked out for a few moments at one point. Liar’s Dice at the GM last year was also a great time.

    I hope that you enjoy finding the next part of your adventure, and share it with us so we can cheer you on. Good luck, Patrick! 🙂

  39. So long Patrick. I know you’ll be awesome and shine bright in whatever you decide to do next!

  40. Sad to hear about this, but I have no doubt you’ll do spectacular in your future endeavors! 😉 Best of luck!

  41. Gracie Ofslager

    You’re a bright light in the world, Patrick. Best of luck on your next adventure.

  42. I hope you are having a great time at Burning Man. It was great to meet you in Berlin. All the best!

  43. I will miss stealing your brain so much.

    I’m constantly impressed by how much you know – about our customers, about WordPress, about WooCommerce, and the history of how we’ve gotten here. I can’t overstate how much your thinking about product and our customers has shaped how I think about the work we do.

    You’re an admirable and delightful human, and I’m very glad I got to work with you.

    You’re leaving a giant hole to fill.

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