How My Blog Got Me a Job & a Book Deal

WordCamp Denver

At WordCamp Denver I spoke about my blog. Specifically how it got my a job at WooThemes and a book deal.


  • We have a problem being unknown
  • A problem not being an authority
  • A problem losing our ideas
  • Blogging can solve this
  • Write your ideas and work down; you can use them in resumes and for book proposals
  • Blogging is a long game


6 thoughts on “How My Blog Got Me a Job & a Book Deal

  1. Nice Patrick! Looking forward to watching this when it’s online.

  2. Brilliant patrick 🙂 very inspiring ..

  3. I thought you would be speaking, but the I realized it’s pages. Good job.

  4. Great article Partcik! Keep going!

  5. So bummed to have missed it Patrick! Oh and a late congrats on your job, that’s so great!

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